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Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member of the UTS TTC!
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High Quality Equipment

You have access to use any of our equipment during weekly training sessions so you wont need to purchase any equipmnent of your own.

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We know that you have a great passion for table tennis and meeting new people who share the same passion is great! Through our competitions and social events, you are able to meet such people.

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Member Discounts

You will receive discounts to any of our social events, competitions as well as any merchandise.

About Us

Training Sessions: Tuesday 4-7pm Friday 4-7pm

UTS Table Tennis Club is a sports society with the focus to promote the spread of knowledge in the Table Tennis sport. As a relatively new club at UTS, we aim to provide assistance and demonstrations to help students learn the foundations of Table Tennis and the fundamental aspects of the game play.

UTS Table Tennis Club is seeking new members who generally have an interest in Table Tennis. We will be taking into account your experience and skill level to determine how much help you require to reach your potential. The purpose of UTSTTC is to spread the culture of Table Tennis and cater for the needs of students who wish to play Table Tennis competitively or recreationally. Sign Up Now!

Please subscribe to our Google Calendar and keep an eye out for updates as session schedules may change.

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